Lots of Dust is Falling Down, Falling Down

CleanBeyond Denver

When CleanBeyond Denver cleans for a customer, we REALLY clean. And that includes up in the ceiling rafters where months of accumulated dust and dirt can compromise air quality.

While your current cleaning crew may dust everything at eye-level and below, or even use a duster on a wand, that honestly doesn’t begin to create a clean environment or clean air.

All that upper-ceiling dust re-circulates and allows dirt to build up in equipment motors causing higher temperatures and premature failing. It also clogs filters, causing the furnace and air conditioners to work harder, costing more without achieving desired temp or humidity level. And, add to this is the fact that all this extra dust and dirt continues to be the air that your customers and clients are breathing.

If you have an open-ceiling work place, you need to ensure you provide a healthy environment and schedule a floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning at least every six months. It’s one of our specialties.